About SVA

SVA is a non-profit organization seeking to improve and enhance the level of education in the Middle East.  SVA offers all its degrees in both languages, Arabic and English. Placement exams are done every beginning of a semester to evaluate the student if he/she could join the English Section; in addition to the grade of English language in the High School Certificate of the student.  

SVA is divided into two main institutes:
  • The Valley Institute for Management Sciences, Finance, and Information Systems, which offers Bachelor of Arts in:
  1. Accounting
  2. Banking & Investment 
  3. Business Administration 
  4. Marketing
  5. Information Systems

Being the first in Egypt to offer Banking and Investment as an undergraduate degree.

  • The Valley Institute for Engineering & Technology
  1. Architecture Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Environmental Engineering
  4. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  5. Electric Power Engineering
  6. Computer and Control Engineering

SVA is aiming to offer a high quality of education to students regardless of their educational and/or social background, which is in itself a challenge to have students with very poor educational background and pave the way for them to improve, develop and advance both as individuals and within the society.  Most students face challenges of finance or poor education, we make it our concern to facilitate the process of education for all students.  Because we believe that there is no cost for education, we try to aid those students by offering high quality of education for economical prices.

We believe that every person has a right to proper education and an equal opportunity to receive the highest quality of education.  The board of administration jointly with the staff and faculty make it their first priority to help all students in the process of learning.