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مدة البرنامج

Duration of The Program:

The duration of study to obtain a bachelor’s degree is five academic years, starting with a general preparatory school year for all students, and the specialization after that is according to the student’s desire, inclinations and readiness, and is determined by the capacity of the departments.  The study begins and ends in each semester by a decision of the Supreme Council of Universities.

The student has to pass 179 credit hours to fulfill the program as 170 hrs. Represent obligatory courses and 9 credit hours are for optional (elective) courses, as shown in table (5).

Totally credit hour 179 hour divided as levels as follows:

Level one: 34 unit

Level two: 36 unit

Level three: 37 unit

Level four: 37 unit

Level five: 36 unit divided as (27 unit mandatory + 9 unit elective)

Table no. (5): identification of the credit hours of the program